Publish iOS platform applications
  1. Publish iOS platform applications

Publish iOS platform applications

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Publish iOS platform applications


This article outlines the process to publish a Cordova iOS application to the Apple store. It assumes that Cordova and relevant iOS SDKs have been setup and configured. These are briefly bulleted below.

  • A Mac - unfortunately this is required to run the Apple software needed
    • Mavericks
  • iOS device(s), recommended over the emulator to fully test the application
  • Install Xcode from the Mac App Store, and Command line tools
    • $ xcode-select –install
  • $ npm install -g cordova
  • $ npm install -g ios-sim
  • $ npm install -g ios-deploy
  • $ cordova platform add ios –save

Add any cordova plugins necessary.

Distribution quick start

Following Apple's distribution quick start

In the first instances of development you likely just want to get your app running locally on your USB connected iOS device. Luckily this is also a step into getting it into the Apple store.

Note you do not need an Apple developer account for deployment onto a local device.

  • Add Apple ID to Xcode
  • Signing identities
  • Provisioning profiles
  • Verify access to your developer account
  • Launch app on connected iOS device
  • Enable app services, such as iPay
  • Back up signing identities

Naming an application

The following fields will be required

  • Product Name : Cordova Test
  • Organisation name : DryKISS Ltd
  • Organisation identifier : com.drykiss.cordovatest
    • After an app is available on the store, its bundle ID can't be changed.
  • Language : Objective C
  • Devices : Universal

Add Apple ID to Xcode

  • Open Xcode
  • Choose Xcode > Preferences
  • At the top of the window, click Accounts
  • In the lower-left corner, click the Add button (+)
  • Choose Add Apple ID from the pop-up menu

Distribution workflow

  • Enroll in the Apple developer program

Selecting the best workflow for your team depends on the nature of the development. Creating a Hybrid cross-platform app

Exporting for Testing

Submitting the application

Check connected devices

$ ios-deploy -c

Run in X-Code to generate certificate

$ cordova build ios
$ bundle exec middleman build --clean && cordova run --device

$ cordova build ios --release