Get our products/news earlier than others, let's get in touch.

= codeBlender "mailchimp", "social/mailchimp" 
<section class='mailChimpSubscription' ng-controller='MailChimpSubscriptionController as mc'>
<p>Get our products/news earlier than others, let's get in touch.</p>
<form action='//;id=9ea724a203&amp;c=JSON_CALLBACK' name='mailChimpSubscriptionForm' ng-submit='mc.submitSubscription( mailChimp, $event )' novalidate role='form'>
<div ng-hide="mailChimp.result === 'success'">
<div class='form-group' show-errors='{showSuccess: true}'>
<label class='control-label sr-only' for='EMAIL'>
<div class='input-group'>
<span class='fa fa-envelope input-group-addon' ng-hide='loading'></span>

<input autocomplete='on' class='form-control' id='EMAIL' name='EMAIL' ng-model='mailChimp.EMAIL' placeholder='Enter your email address' required='required' type='email'>



<button class='btn btn-default btn-block btn-info' ng-disabled='mailChimpSubscriptionForm.$invalid' type='submit'>


<div class='mailChimpSubscription__error' ng-show="mailChimp.result === 'error'">
<span ng-bind-html='mailChimp.errorMessage'></span>
<div class='mailChimpSubscription__success' ng-show="mailChimp.result === 'success'">
<span ng-bind-html='mailChimp.successMessage'></span>

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Title URL


Task Date
Translate this
Add the required locals for this : action, elements, icons, placeholders etc
Sort out whether Fname and Lname are required by locals
Need to catch the errors correctly for the AJAX and hook into Alert System
Wrap this up into a utility class for Mailchimp
Expand the checks on whether Email is Valid
Mailchimp allows for First Name, Last Name and Format include these
If the user is already signed up a URL comes back make this clickable