1. Bower



Bower is a package manager for front-end development. It simplifies the update process for libraries such as JQuery and Bootstrap.

Especially useful for concatenating these files together locally through Middleman.

A bower.json file should exist in root which implies the libraries required for the project. Running the following in the terminal will update and prune these:

$ /Volumes/Groups/UX/tms.com/www
$ bower install && bower prune

For a list of available packages please visit Bower Components Also see Bower Github for the latest development news.


$ npm install -g bower



Backbone Bootstrap SASS Font Awesome HolderJS Jasmine jQuery Underscore ZeptoJS


  • Give more of a breakdown on the bower commands
  • Look at YeoMan as a replacement for Thor and Bower perhaps can this be integrated into Middleman or does it compete?