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  • Would set up a caching system for this JSON into localstorage as I cant see the menu change a lot
    • Or manifest it
  • Probably do not need 'leaf', as if menu is null thats enough
  • For open JavaScript I would usually use :
    • A template library like handlebars
    • Or AngularJS these days
    • Or create statically in Middleman, prototype and changes required
  • Guess the in Mobile Full site should be split links, so would explode on pipe
  • I would refactor the creation of the menu more but there is enough difference to not bother for a prototype
    • Would recurse through a single method to create the UL lists and contents
  • Would usually create cross browser hasClass but for prototype, .contains is fine
  • Expand the menu - would probably work some toggle() in here instead of if else but satisficed
  • Would make more responsive by use of bootsrap classes
  • Browser compatability - tested on Chrome, for prototypes this is my dev browser of choice