The gallery is a collection of cards, that can be either drawn from :

  • A data file
  • Collection of blogs
  • Iterating over an image folder

The following example is simply scanning the whole images directory and creating a thumbnail gallery of the contents.


To be completed…

Resources Useful websites and tutorials


Task Date
Create the gallery partial
Roll this into the portfolio and blog setup also
Need to allow the image to be placed onto the screen also in a placeholder space i.e. for mobile prototypes
Add Tooltips to the image to show certain details about the image
Favicon fall out of this gallery as they are not in the assets path
Select a specific directory to look under
Provide a drop down of a directory to check
Add a selector to change the column widths and height dynamically
Icon class is hard coded in the CSS - fix this
Gallery should have pagination, filter and search coupled with it
Thumbnail should only handle one instance this gallery should do the column heavy lifting