Contains a profile page for each individual team in the league.

  • Team logo
  • Description
  • Players
  • Last match
  • Next match
  • Current standings with team highlighted

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Task Date
FE: Complete the iCal, based of fixtures
FE: Complete the honours section - move to Team profile
Middleman: Create a blog / proxy collection for team profile pages
API: How to handle team name changes - i.e. maintain history throughout the seasons
API: Simply return a list of the teams and corresponding data
API: Correlate Team statistics - history of games played - players - top scorers for season or all time - honours
API: X Last games played - win - lose or draw, use in Fixtures and tables
API: Statistics for the team - Average Goal, top scorers ( playerModule ), Top Cards ( playerModule )
IDEA: Compare last results between two teams return array of all of these - include cup and league