Should firstly list all the players associated to one team, in a table or gallery view. Should be a module that can also be included on a Team profile page or tabbed too.

We also need to proxy each player into there own profile page also.

A player profile page could include

  • Image
  • Nationality
  • Position
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Team
  • Description
  • Current season stats - this and last
  • Career stats - Season Team Goals Assists Yellow Cards Red Cards win ratio

Resources Useful websites and tutorials


Task Date
API: Parse the names of the players in the following fields scorers a, scorers b, yellow cards a, yellow cards b, red cards a, red cards b cumulate the totals and sub-totals in an array
API: Admin has the choice to upload a players roster per team, match the above against this roster to A. sanitise it exists and B. accumulate against there profile
API: Correlate the player statistics, method to get the bad boy players yellow and red cards - yellow = 1 point - Red = 3.
API: Group by division, season, team as per most methods.
API: Totals should be kept for the different competitions - i.e. League & Cup.
API: Need a limit so we can get top ten scorers for the league, cup and total.