A Middleman blog is made up of several different partials.

To create the front-end of a blog the following are required, a blog name is required to be passed to list, archive and pagination. I prefer to set this variable in the front-matter.

  • Template: Article list
  • Molecule: Pagination

Resources Useful websites and tutorials


Task Date
Document Facebook / Twitter / Google front matter requirements
Complete Older and Newer links to other articles
Complete related articles section
Author Biographies and Photo - micro format
Table of contents should look better - collapsible - use JS
Table of contents using hash does not work - directs to home path
Provide a blank / random image if one is not found to keep the design
Create a hover over state for the article to slightly grey it out
Add in some filtering for popular - most commented on
Add in search - Add in tags - Add in social links - Facebook like and share, tweet and pin - Add in report page button
Add in video / image - could be carousel - Add in title - Add in price - Add in content - Add in Ribbons on some products
Add in Trending Today - Add in Buy Now - Add in Add to Wish list - Add in Comments - Add in related products - Add in newsletter
Article list partial should not be in this template folder