Cart : __ items
= codeBlender "widget", "molecule"
<div class='cartWidget'>
<div class='cartInfo'>
Cart :
<span class='simpleCart_quantity'>
<i class='fa fa-shopping-cart'></i>
<div hidden id='cartPopover'>
<i class='fa fa-play fa-rotate-270'></i>
<div class='simpleCart_items'></div>
<div class='clearfix' id='cartData'>
<div class='pull-left'>
<span class='simpleCart_quantity'></span>
<div class='pull-right'>
<span class='simpleCart_total'></span>
<div class='clearfix' id='popoverButtons'>
<a class='btn btn-default btn-warning pull-left simpleCart_empty btn-sm' href='javascript:;' role='button' type='button'>


<a class='btn btn-default btn-success pull-right simpleCart_checkout btn-sm' href='javascript:;' role='button' type='button'>


<a class='btn btn-default btn-info pull-right btn-sm' href='/prototyping/e-commerce/cart.html' role='button' type='button'>
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Task Date
Need to allow more than one on a page - doesn't show cart items on first one
Spinner can this be a form spinner - increase size of arrows anyway - make icons
When there are no items the arrows colour is not correct