1. Front-end
  2. Thor



Thor is toolkit for building command-line interfaces.


$ gem install thor

Sample Thor script

This script is shorthand for building middleman and deploying it through middlman deploy to GitHub.

desc "build", "build"
def build


    say("\n\t Middleman Build Clean\n\t")
    system("bundle exec middleman build --clean")

    say("\n\t Middleman Deploy\n\t")
    system("bundle exec middleman deploy")



Project Thor

  • Create global thor file to create the project template
  • Expand the post creation tool - should be global too
    • Allow for the post injection to come from a template
    • Check to see if the directory has already been created too
  • Need to also deploy the main source somewhere too as well as gh-pages
  • Create a script to produce the correct project template structure


  • Complete the sections in these instructions
  • Add more sample scripts on how we use Thor as a task runner