1. Desktop applications

Desktop applications


The aim of this document is to investigate the available options for building a desktop app using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

There are many applications that provide this functionality, some utilising node and


  • Idea is to have a dashboard for each employee in the Studio.
  • This dashboard will contain the following tools, dependant on the logged in user.
  • Can control work station set up and environments.
  • Middleman front end - backs on to lan network server or local node setup and mongo. Mac only at the moment.
  • Log in is Via Facebook Connect.
  • Create specific project templates - such as Wordpress / Middleman - done by network administered Thor files.
  • Instant Chat messenger
    • Create Groups
    • Add Users
    • Bookmark specific Chats
    • Search through saved History
    • Saves links automatically
    • Code syntax highlighter
    • Emoticons
    • Topic Changes
    • Voting / Polling Initialisation
    • Tabbed Chats
    • Sending Files - Store these into history too.
    • Translations
    • Templated responses - such as Call me - posts a chat + phone number to contact on.
    • Roles and administration per user per chat / group
    • Authenticates against active directory
    • Send SMS messages based on AD mobile field
    • Installed on local intranet
  • HOSTS File Editor
  • Project Creation
    • Creates project with WIKI / Bugs / Chat Group
  • Cost prediction of a project
  • Invoicing
  • Time Sheets
  • Domain Management






  • Tide XML in middleman style
  • Setup automatic build and preview for Tide
  • Work out a way to exclude some folders from the build
  • Set up code obfusication
  • Set up a polling job to see if docs need updating.
    • Run a script to download from Github etc to update the docs if required.
  • Want to ZIP up the documnetation - and on first view unzip these into the correct directory for viewing.
    • Check directory exists - if not unzip the zip file.


  • https://github.com/MacGapProject/MacGap1
  • http://docs.macgap.com/

  • https://github.com/rogerwang/node-webkit
  • http://blog.teamthinklabs.com/index.php/2014/01/08/getting-set-up-with-node-webkit-mac-only/
  • http://durandaljs.com/documentation/Native-Apps-With-Node-Webkit.html
  • https://www.npmjs.org/package/nodewebkit
  • http://strongloop.com/strongblog/creating-desktop-applications-with-node-webkit/
  • https://github.com/mllrsohn/grunt-node-webkit-builder

  • https://www.tidekit.com/
  • http://deskshell.org/