CodeBlender mainly uses the fantastic Font Awesome icon library.

Please also check out the stacked icon partial.


= codeBlender "icon", "atom", { icon: "fa-shopping-cart" }
<span class='fa fa-shopping-cart'></span>

Angular ng-class

= codeBlender "button", "atom",
{ context: "info",
  icon: { prepend: { ng: { class: "{ 'fa fa-plus': isCollapsed, 'fa fa-minus': !isCollapsed }" } } },
  href: "javascript:;",
  ng:   { click: "isCollapsed = !isCollapsed" } }
<a class='btn btn-default btn-info' href='javascript:;' ng-click='isCollapsed = !isCollapsed' role='button' type='button'>
<span ng-class="{ 'fa fa-plus': isCollapsed, 'fa fa-minus': !isCollapsed }"></span>


Resources Useful websites and tutorials


Task Date
Make tabs for the different icons sets we utilise - Font Awesome
Present the icons into usable grids - copy from bootstrap
Understand the license of Font Awesome
Create an SCSS array for the social icons
Doc this page more - add in code snippets also
Document the social icons more
Identify the versions of the icons installed on CodeBlender
Allow an icon to be linked in this partial also - link_to
Should I use a SPAN or I tag for the icon html