Google places is a feature rich set of APIs and widgets to aid the developer in providing location and mapping information to the end user.

Coupling for instance Autocomplete with a Google map can give a user an easy way to find the desired location.


  • Make sure the API is enabled in the Google API Manager
  • Fetch your API Key
  • Load the required JavaScript


= codeBlender "autocomplete", "social/google/places" 
<div class='form-group' show-errors='{showSuccess: true}'>
<label class='control-label sr-only' for='place'>
Enter your place
<input autocomplete='on' class='form-control googlePlacesAutocomplete' data-country='uk' data-forceSelection='true' data-type='geocode' id='place' name='place' ng-model='googlePlacesAutocomplete' placeholder='Place or postcode' required='required' type='text'>


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