1. Blog post

Blog post

Why we need to markdown content?

It is easy and convenient to use

By using Markdown everybody can easily learn to create blog posts.

It is better to manage

Markdown blogs are easier to manage than any other kind of blogging technique, which makes the IT department happy ;-).

It is SEO optimized

Markdown blogs are SEO optimized, hence it is easier for Google to analyse your website which will ideally result in a better search rank.

Getting started

1. Install Sublime Text

  1. Download sublime from the following link: Sublime 2

  2. Install sublime on your hard drive

  3. Install license code

On a Mac this should be pasted into the enter license section in the help tab.

  1. Get sublime package control code and enter it into the console Package Control Download

  2. Restart Sublime

  3. Now you are ready to go

2. Create a folder structure

  1. First create a folder for the website you are writing content about. Examples are:
    • Askhanuman
    • One2Check
    • HansaLED
  2. Create sub-folders for the respective kind of post. Examples are:
    • News
    • Information
    • Reviews
    • FAQ
    • Insurers OR Banks
  3. Create sub-folders for multi-languages. Examples are: en th

3. Correct file naming

  1. Correct file naming includes the date when the blog was "kramdowned" as well as the title of the post. The file needs to have the ending .md Example: Today is 2nd of July 2013 and my article is about markdown. Hence the correct file naming would be the following: 2013-07-02-markdown.md

4. Must read

Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet



TOP 5 SEO Techniques

TOP 5 SEO techniques

Meta Tags

Meta Tags

5. Example

Let's say we want to create an english FAQ post for our venture AskHanuman. The post is about how our service works. Today is the 3rd of July 2013. So how to get started?

5.1 Create folder structure

Askhanuman –> FAQ –> en

5.2 Create markdown file and save it in the respective folder


5.3 Create middleman headline

country     : th
lang        : en
category    : insurance
product     : car insurance
subcategory : faq
sticky      : true
title       : How our service works
tags        : [Ask Hanuman, car insurance, service]
published   : true

description : How our service works
keywords    : [Ask Hanuman, car insurance, service]
author      : Andre

5.4 Start writing content

##### How our service works
- first the customer comes to the homepage
- he chooses a car and coverage
- we prove him the policy
- done

5.5 Save your markdown article

5.6 Track articles you transformed into markdown

Use google sheet named "Markdown transformation" to track the progress. It is important not to loose any content we have created

5.7 That's it!