1. File system

File system


Establishing a file structure similar to other team members is crucial in terms of script creation and pair programming.

The main set up is that of the Library code folder. This needs to be placed in : /var/www/Library

$ sudo mkdir -p /var/www
$ sudo chown -R `whoami`:staff /var/www
$ sudo chmod -R 0755 /var/www

Simply then copy and paste the Library code into this folder. So we have

$ cd /var/www/Library/middleman


This is the Pattern Library container, it contains all the partials and helpers required for all other projects.

We Symlink from the folders inside Codeblender. So it is important other projects and other team members place CodeBlender or use a Symlink in the same place to allow the scripts to work.


Place Codeblender anywhere on the system then symlink using the following commands.

$ mkdir -p /var/www
$ sudo ln -s "PATH TO CODELENDER" /var/www/


Edit the permissions allowed on the MAC - remove the root login ability

$ cd /etc
$ chmod 666 sshd_config
$ vim sshd_config

#PermitRootLogin no

Remove #
#RSAAuthentication      yes
#PubkeyAuthentication   yes
#AuthorizedKeysFile     .ssh/authorized_keys
#PasswordAuthentication no
#PermitEmptyPasswords   no

Change to
UsePAM no


User account and Login

All git commands are run from the "git" User.

$ ssh [email protected]
$ ux.git

Certificate Creation

Create $ ssh-keygen -t rsa

Mkdir should already be created on server so can ignore $ mkdir .ssh

Copy into the authorised keys $ scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub [email protected]:.ssh/authorized_keys


ServerAliveInterval 30 ServerAliveCountMax 4 StrictHostKeyChecking no UserKnownHostsFile ~/.ssh/known_hosts


Host mini HostName uxserver.local User git

Setting Up Remote Git

In Groups create the destination folder SSH into the server and GIT Initialise the folder

$ cd /Groups
$ cd Prototype
$ cd Repositories

* Create Folder

$ mkdir app.tms.git
$ mkdir bat-tool.git
$ mkdir codeblender.git
$ mkdir codeblender-api.git
$ mkdir gateway-portal.git
$ mkdir gui-on-git.git
$ mkdir gui.git
$ mkdir phantomjs.git
$ mkdir prototype-scaffolding.git
$ mkdir shared-shipping.git
$ mkdir vme.git

* GIT Init

$ cd FOLDER.git
$ git init --bare

Setting Up Local GIT

Find a folder to store the local copy of the repo. Run the following commands to setup the repository, add a readme file and push it to your server.

$ git clone [email protected]:/Groups/Prototype/Repositories/app.tms.git app.tms.com
$ git clone [email protected]:/Groups/Prototype/Repositories/bat-tool.git bat-tool
$ git clone [email protected]:/Groups/Prototype/Repositories/codeblender.git www
$ git clone [email protected]:/Groups/Prototype/Repositories/codeblender-api.git api
$ git clone [email protected]:/Groups/Prototype/Repositories/gateway-portal.git www
$ git clone [email protected]:/Groups/Prototype/Repositories/gui-on-git.git gui-on-git.com
$ git clone [email protected]:/Groups/Prototype/Repositories/phantomjs.git phantomJS
$ git clone [email protected]:/Groups/Prototype/Repositories/prototype-scaffolding.git prototype-scaffolding
$ git clone [email protected]:/Groups/Prototype/Repositories/shared-shipping.git shared-shipping
$ git clone [email protected]:/Groups/Prototype/Repositories/vme.git vme.com

Mini Web Sites

UX Portal      : http://uxserver.local
Gateway Portal :
BAT Tool       :


  • Need to desacribe that the files are stored on the server and how to link these up

A; B Run A and then B, regardless of success of A A && B Run B if A succeeded A || B Run B if A failed A & Run A in background.